Thursday 27 July 2017
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20 Questions “ALL GUYS” Want To Know About Girls: Answered | Amanda Cerny & Brent Rivera

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20 Questions “ALL GUYS” Want To Know About Girls : Amanda Cerny & Brent Rivera

Men and women can never understand each other, due to a lot of differences and aspects. They are always curious to know about one another, especially men want to know everything about girls. Men always have a few questions, whom they want to ask girls. But they don’t do so! Why? Because they feel shy and are afraid to ask such questions to girls. So we have decided to gather some of the most interesting questions and their answers from a girl’s perspective. Well, it won’t be same for a lot of girls but somehow it resembles every girl’s answer. So if you are not satisfied with answers, don’t blame us! So let’s see what are these questions?

Amanda Cerny Answers 

Q 1. Do Girls Poop

Amanda Cerny : Well, Most of the girls won’t do that because it’s a shameful act among others. But if they do, it would be matter of fun!

Q 2. Should we fight to guy, staring at you?

Amanda : Now it’s obvious that moist of the girls can’t protect themselves. So they are always relying on their partners to protect them. In this way, if it’s necessary a man has to fight to protect the girl.

Q 3. What do girls have in their bag?

Amanda: Mostly girls have lipsticks, hair ties, comb, nail polishes, and other makeup stuff. But some girls also have medicines in their bags for first aid treatments.

Q4. Do Periods attract BEARS?

Amanda : Yes, BEARS are attracted to menstruation cycles of girls and they should be afraid of them.

Q5. Do girls like to hear HONEST responses?

Amanda : Girls want to hear truth when they ask something from men, but not all of them love to hear truthful response. Most of the time it happens when they ask, how am I looking today? Or what do you think about my dress?

Q6: Are all girls Bi-Sexual?

Amanda : Not all girls are Bi-Sexual! Only few of them are Bi-Sexual, most of them are Bi-Curious which means when they see a girl they will think for a moment and forget about her.

Q7. Do Girls watch PORN?

Amanda: Most of the girls just hate PORNs and only a few of the girls like to watch them often.

Q8. Do girls want a guy to look at their Boobs?

Amanda : Most of the girls don’t like guys staring at their Boobs, but it depends on the situation. Some girls can allow this depending on the situation.

Q9. How much time a girl spend on Makeups?

Amanda : Girls spend a lot of time on makeups and it depends on the situation. If it’s for a party or special occasion, it can take about 20-30 minutes. And if it’s for a regular makeup, then timing can be 5-15 minutes.

Q10: Why do girls go to Bathrooms in groups?

Amanda Cerny Girls go to bathroom in groups because they love to Gossip there. And when talking in groups, they somehow feel protected and can share their thoughts with each other.



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